Easy Ways to Help...

"Where there has been no hope, hope is there."

- Abdul Kisakye, 2007

"It was really emotional, they just have so much hope."

- Biddy Kalinski, Esuubi Trip 2009

’It’s humbling here... humbling."

- Mike Barber, Esuubi Trip 2008

At Esuubi we are keen for everyone to have the opportunity to help some of Uganda’s neediest orphans in whatever way they feel they can. We have therefore put together a list of some different ways that you can support us in our work with some of Uganda’s neediest children.

If you would like to see some of the other ways you can support Esuubi, why not visit our main website?

Esuubi Gifts

Alternative Gifts (www.esuubi.org.uk/gifts)

Buy gifts for your friends and family that benefit some of Uganda’s neediest children. Every penny spent on these gifts is used to teach the orhpans in Esuubi’s care valuable skills, which will help improve their standard of living.

Esuubi Calendar

Merchandise (www.esuubi.org.uk/gifts)

Give something that reminds your friends and family of Esuubi’s work.

Back by popular demand this year is the Esuubi wall calendar and coming soon is a limited edition range of Esuubi clothing, snap yours up now before it’s too late.

Amazon (www.esuubi.org.uk/amazon)

Use Esuubi’s portal and the nice people at Amazon will give a percentage of their profits to the work of Esuubi. AND it will probably save you money too!

EveryClick (www.everyclick.com/esuubi)

Use Esuubi’s search engine... for every search made 1 pence is donated to Ugandan orphans.

Airmiles (www.esuubi.org.uk)

Why not donate your airmiles to the ongoing overhead costs? Airmiles can be used to transport equipment, donations, staff and gifts to where they are needed most.